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Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency

Number: 46085174 14.03.2016

Subject: Herbalists, Spice Stores and Similar Shops


2016/ 8

In order to ensure that herbalists, spice shops and similar shops operate in accordance with health and hygiene rules, they must carry out their activities within the framework of the procedures and principles specified below.

1) Herbal drugs etc. Herbalists, spice shops and similar shops that will sell products can sell these products based on the permit issued by the Provincial Health Directorate by applying to the Provincial Health Directorate.

2) Inorganic, organic substances, plants and drugs found in herbalists, spice shops and similar shops must be stored in closed and protected containers and presented to the customer under hygienic conditions.

3) It is prohibited to sell pesticides and chemicals that harm or may harm human health in these shops.

4) Insecticides can only be sold in their original packaging.

5) In shop windows; There can be no labels, advertisements or similar articles regarding the use of chemical herbal substances and drugs.

6) Information about the pharmacological effects of drugs that are in their special packages and allowed to be sold cannot be included in their packages. (For example; there will be no statements about the effects and usage on the packaging of plants such as mint, sage, and linden.)

7) Drugs and similar substances that are spoiled and harmful to human health cannot be sold.

8) No herbal mixtures can be made, liquid or solid preparations cannot be prepared or sold in these shops.

9) A list of all drugs sold in Turkish and Latin must be kept in these shops. Writing the plant name on the drugs correctly in Turkish and Latin will prevent sales under wrong names.

10) Substances that are prohibited and dangerous to be sold in herbalists, spice shops and similar shops are included in the annex of this Circular. Drugs containing substances that are harmful to human health in amounts that are harmful to human health cannot be sold, even if they are excluded from the list of prohibited and dangerous substances.

11) If, during the checks and inspections carried out by the Provincial Health Directorates, it is determined that there are products sold without permission or that the above-mentioned procedures and principles are violated, action will be taken in accordance with the relevant legislation provisions depending on the nature of the act.

12) A copy of the Sales Permit Certificate (Specific for Herbal Drugs) issued for Herbalists, Spice Sellers and Similar Shops is sent to the Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency by the provincial health directorate. The Authority will be informed by official letter about the procedures regarding the opening, closing and cancellation of sales permits of the workplaces in question.


Bulbus scillae and its preparations

Cantharide (Cantharit, Rabies Beetle) and prep.

Creosotum (Tar spirit, Creosote)

Flush Cinae (Horasani, S.Contra) and prep.

Flush Pyrethri and prep.

Folia Belladonnae (Beautiful woman grass) and prep.

Digitalis (Digitalis, Foxglove) and prep.

Hyoscyami (Henbane) and prep.

Jaborandi (Jaborandi leaf) and prep.

Folia Stramonii, Flores Stramonii (Tatula leaf and flower) and prep.

Fructus Coculi (Fish grass) and prep.

Fr. Colocynthi (Abu Jahl Berries) and prep.

Fr. Ecbali Elaterii (cirtatan, donkey cucumber.), juice powder and other prep.

Fr. Papaveris (Poppy), syrup and other prep.

Cummi Guttae (Patalomba, Catalamba)

Herba Belladonnae (Beautiful Woman herb) and prep.

17.H. Cannabis (Hemp, Hemp), F. Cannabis and prep

Conii (Hemlock) and prep.

H.Rutae (Pearl herb), FI. Rutae and prep.

Oleum Cheropodii (Chenepod essence) and prep.

Ricini (Castor oil)

Opium and prep.

Podophyllinum (Podofilin) ​​and podophyllotoxin and prep.

Radix Ipecacuanhae (Altm root) and prep.

Pyrethri and prep.

Rhizoma Pilicis (Male Fern) and prep.

Rh. Hellebori and prep.

Secale Cornutum (Rye spur) and prep.

Semen Calabar (Calabar broad beans) And prep.

Colchici (Crocus) and prep.

Crotonis (Croton seed), o.Crotonis (Oil, Habb el miluk oil)

Ricini (Castor oil plant seed, Bezr-i Hırva)

Sabadillae (Nice grass, parsnip) and prep.

Straphisagriae and prep.

Strychni (and seeds of other Strychnos species - crowberry, inyas pod) and prep.

Summitates Sabinae (Black juniper) and prep.

Tubera Aconiti (Wolfsbane) and prep.

Radix Mandragorae (Adam's herb) and prep.

Inorganic, Organic Substances and Others

Acidum Chlorhydricum (hydrochloric acid) and salt spirit,

Hydrocyanicum (hydrocyanic acid) and bil.

Oxalicum (oxalic acid)

Phosphoricum (Phosphoric acid)

Acidum Sulfuricum (Sulfuric acid)

NItricum (Nitric acid)

Aconitum and its salts


Aqua Laurocerasi (Taflan water) and prep.

48 Arqenti nitras (Silver nitrate) and hell stone.

Arsenicum and bil.

Atropinum (Atropine) and bil.

Aurum (Gold) compounds

Bromine (Bromine) and bil.

Cupri Sulphas (Bluestone) and other copper salts.



Digitalinum (digitalin) and similar heart heterosides

Crazy Honey

Hydrargyrum (Mercury) and bil.

Ergot alkaloids.

Lodum (iodine) and bil.

Iodoformium (iodoform)

Plumbum (Lead) and its compounds

Picrotoxium (Picrotoxin) and similar substances

Pilocarpinum (Pilocarpine) and bil.

Phosphorum and bil.

Potassii stibyli tartaras (Potassium antimony tartrate, emetic tartar) and prep.

Potasii Chloras (Potassium chlorate)

Phenolum (Phenol)

Spiritus Aetheri (spirit of Luqman)

Stryohninum (Strychnine and Brucine-like substances)

Zincum and its compounds